Bitcoin goes bullish

Bitcoin goes bullish as Ether hits latest all-time high

Bitcoin goes bullish as Ether hits latest all-time high

Bitcoin goes bullish – Available data has shown that bitcoin made a dramatic return to bullish status in the last 24 hours having traded at $57,939.36

In a similar development, Ether struck an all-time high despite a non-promising start early this week.

BTC appreciates

In the last 24 hours, reliable data shows that BTC overcame all previous drops to trade as high as $57,939.36.

Recently, there was a problem in Taiwan, which relatively had its equities index post biggest single daily lose in history. This problem affected Tech stocks immensely.

While bitcoin is bouncing back, Altcoins are recovering with great pace too.

Ethereum soars as Bitcoin goes bullish

Relatively, Ether has taken the front row by leading gains while touching all-time high of $4000. Giving to a network congestion occasion by gas fees. This posed immense challenge for traders and ether network users.

In line with the said data, Ether trades at $4,317.25.

In the heat of growing debate Dogecon was flat, but Shiba Inu SHIB sheds 23% which forced it out of the top twenty cryptocurrencies by market Capitalization.

Left to see what would the situation and direction of trade in the upcoming days, however, at the moment cryptocurrencies are looking good.

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